PiceaHub 2.0.169

PiceaHub - The easiest YouTube downloader on the market. Simply drag & drop videos and music to any device.


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    The easiest YouTube downloader on the market. Simply drag & drop videos and music to any device.

    Drag & drop download from the Web!

    Download video, music or images directly to your device. Mobile, PC, tablet, memory stick… just name it! And it can’t be easier than that! Just drag and drop your stuff from computer or browser to the selected device and let PiceaHub handle the rest. Also advanced video stream detection allows PiceaHub to support thousands of web sites with embedded video or music, all that available now for you!

    PiceaHub is also available on several other languages: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese…

    No hassle with media formats

    All you need is PiceaHub! No need for browser add-ons or additional SW for conversion and file transfer. Just connect your device and drag and drop the desired media: PiceaHub chooses the best format for the device and converts it on the fly. It also supports possibility to strip only audio track form the video, allowing you to use audio only with any device! As a benefit, you will also have an embedded music metadata with album arts giving a professional look and feel in you playback device.

    Download anywhere

    Missed something? Easy linking to your laptop with mobile Internet. Just one click and you are ready to complete your collection on the go. Creation of mobile WLAN hotspot connection with your computer has never been that easy!

    And that’s not all…

    In the same package, you will also have support for an easy SMS messaging allowing you to utilize your full PC keyboard and contacts from your phone address book. Select any phone number with your mouse in the browser or in local applications and add it as a contact to device by dragging it to device icon.

    Add contacts, calendar items or install applications directly from vcs, ics or apk files by dragging those to device icon.

    Drag, drop and enjoy the media in any device.



    PiceaHub 2.0.169

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